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Death is normal in a person’s life. It is the stage of our lives where we will no longer exist in the world we used to live in. No matter what the means or causes of our death, the fact that we will die is something that we cannot change. When someone dies, his or her family usually holds a service. But, why do we need to have a funeral for them?

The main purpose of why we hold a funeral is because we want to gather all the people who became part of that person’s life, and to reminisce all the happy memories we’ve had with them. It is the moment where we are celebrate the departed’s life and good deeds. It is also the chance where we can say goodbye to the person we love and to accept the reality that we should start another chapter of our lives without them.

Different countries have various processes of holding a service:

In some Asian countries like Japan and China, the typical form of service has first undergone in the process of cremation and putting the ash  in an urn after. The service is held in the family’s house, where the other relatives and friends will be gathered.

However, in some regions, families use a casket where the corpse will be placed. No matter what the family prefers in holding a service, the purpose still remains constant. It is to gather all of the family members and friends. If you are of a different culture, nationality, or religion, you better choose the company that can serve and give you good services according to your traditions and beliefs.

Best Funeral

In holding a funeral for your loved ones, you may choose Gentry Griffey Chapel and Crematory. We are one of the best service providers in the Knoxville, Tennessee. We have been in the industry since 1948 and we are still giving satisfying services to our clients. There are a lot of reasons why you must choose Gentry Griffey.

For one, we can provide satisfying service at an affordable price. Whatever nationality, culture, tradition or religion our clients may be, we can all provide them excellent services according to their beliefs and customs. Our staffs have enough knowledge, skills and experience in serving any kind of cultures.

In attending a funeral, you will notice that there are flowers arranged formally, a guest book, creative and artistic casket or urn designs, and other additional services for the family members and visitors. All of these things will depend on the offered services of the provider.

Some offer various additional services like distributing CDs, making obituaries, flower arrangements, and releasing of doves on the burial. You must pick the one that can accommodate your needs such as having a fine amenities for your visitors, distribution of souvenirs for the people who will come, and accommodating attitude of the staffs.

Best Funeral Service

Legal matters are also relevant in a funeral. It is about the legal papers that shall be settled like social security benefits, veteran benefits, and other insurance claims that the family may acquire. This will help a lot to lessen the expenses in holding a service. As the family grieves, they will have a hard time to fix these legal matters. It is important that the company can assist the family in filing insurance claims.

Gentry Griffey can help you in this situation:

Our company is offering a dozen of choices in holding a service. Some of the typical offerings we provide are flower arrangements, bagpipes in the burial day, assisting families in filing burial assistance, and pre-planning of one own’s memorial. If you are interested to know more about our  other services, you may visit our website at or you may directly contact us. We will surely accommodate all of your concerns.

A service is not only about holding a gathering, but it also includes preparing for the best service in order to show that you really appreciate the good things that your loved one had done for you.


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Gentry Griffey provides the best funeral service and also can help you in this situation. Our company is offering a dozen of choices in holding a service.


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